Katia Frank


Katia's introduction to nutritional therapy happened after seeking solutions for a close family member suffering with IBS, and appreciating the profound effect that changes in diet and lifestyle had on their symptoms and overall quality of life. Diving deep into the research she began to appreciate how essential healthy nutrition is for optimum functioning of mind and body.

Having enjoyed a dynamic and successful career in Finance, and after the birth of her second daughter, Katia decided to pursue her interest in nutrition and undertook the rigorous 3-year course in Nutritional Therapy at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition, where she was the recipient of the Solgar Bursary Award.

With a keen interest in the sciences since an early age, Katia has always enjoyed the challenge of understanding complex concepts and translating them into practical useful knowledge. With her clients, Katia endeavours to educate them on their condition, inspire them to make the critical changes and empower them with the necessary tools.


❝ Everybody deserves to feel healthy & vibrant & painfree. This is not a luxury.

Discover the root cause of your health concerns.  Then take action ❞


" The body has an incredible ability to heal itself, but only once obstacles to the healing process have been removed and the essential nutrients have been introduced. Nutritional therapy guides you on this journey, often realising profound results. It's very rewarding to see this in my clients."

Katia takes an evidence-based, science-led, holistic approach with her clients, emphasising the importance of including the essential nutrients which the body requires daily. Although the body attempts to compensate for nutrient deficiences, in the long term this leads to dysfunction and disease.  By habitually including these essential nutrients in the diet, foods that may be triggering symptoms and causing disease are 'crowded out' and eventually no longer desired.

Katia does not promote any particular diet and does not advocate calorie restriction or excluding entire food groups unnecessarily. Her clients report feeling supported and experience the benefits of improved health without the anxiety of drastic dietary and lifestyle changes.


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