1:1 Consultations 

Our goal is to empower you to begin your journey of healing, and not to compound the overwhelm you may be experiencing with all the conflicting nutritional information available. We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal and we identify and facilitate the removal of the triggers of the symptoms and the obstacles to healing.

Many of our clients have had symptoms for many months or years. Some dietary and lifestyle changes can have dramatic positive effects over a short time frame but, more often, it can take weeks to reverse and resolve the underlying imbalances causing the symptoms. That is why we offer and highly recommend a 8 week programme which comprises an initial consultation lasting 90 minutes, followed by two 60-minute follow-up consultations.

We understand that you require regular support and encouragement throughout your healing journey and our programme is designed to do just that.

Health Optimising Programme

 Duration: 8 weeks

  • Our signature 8 week programme is ideal if you want to address your gut & digestive concerns, optimise your weight, balance your hormones, or improve your energy and sense of wellbeing.
  • We endevour to resolve your health concerns by ensuring we address the root cause. Once we have determined the areas to focus on, the strategy that we adopt is evidence-based and grounded in science.
  • You will have an initial 90-minute consultation and two 60-minute follow-up zoom consultations (a total of 3.5 hours).
  • You will receive considerable education in order to empower you on your healing journey, as well behaviour change guidance to maximise your chances of adherence to the recommended dietary and lifestyle habits.
  • We will support and encourage you every step of your journey. This means trouble-shooting & problem solving to ensure that the Health Plan recommended for you fits in with your daily life, is manageable and, very importantly, is enjoyable!
  • The 8 weeks of working together is geared to getting your health back on track and giving you the confidence to continue on your own. Thereafter, our channels of communication remain open should you require further guidance.
  • Investment: £349

One-off Consultation

  • A single consultation is ideal for you if:

- you have digestive concerns and would like an overview of your current diet and lifestyle and an assessment of what may be contributing to your symptoms.

- you require an overview of how to optimise your health, taking your specific needs into consideration. This may include weight reduction, balancing your hormones or optimising your energy.

- you would like to optimise your gut health to proactively prevent future disfunction and disease.

  • You will have a 90-minute consultation
  • Investment: £149

Included in your consultation:

  • An initial 90-minute consultation where we review your health history and an in-depth review of your symptoms. We analyse your 3-day Food, Mood & Lifestyle diary.
  • Testing may be recommended which would incur an additional charge (may be available via your GP). This may be stool, blood or urine testing, and food intolerance and allergy testing. We analyse your results and incorporate recommendations in your Health Plan.
  • A thorough explanation of the underlying imbalances which may be contributing to your condition and set of symptoms. We educate you on your specific concerns and empower and inspire you to make the necessary changes.
  • We may recommend temporary elimination of certain foods based on your test results. This may include a Low FODMAP Diet which would necessitate additional consultations to ensure safe reintroduction of foods. Our aim is always to have as varied a diet as possible which maximises the health of the microbiome and makes life more enjoyable!
  • A personalised weekly email to support you, with content to further educate you on your particular condition.
  • A detailed Health Plan which incorporates the key pillars that support gut health - Gut Healing, Nutrition & Lifestyle. May include supplement recommendations (discounted by 10%). All our recommendations are specific to you and target the root causes of your symptoms. They are evidence-based, and informed by the latest science in nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Food lists, meal plans, recipe bundles as needed, customised to your goals, needs and preferences.

Please book a free 20-minute call to discuss which programme is best suited to you.